Affordable Sedation Dentistry
Sedation Dentistry

Affordable Sedation Dentistry

Many patients find it difficult to benefit from sedation dentistry because they can not afford the additional cost. With a sedation cost ranging from $200 to over $1000, finding affordable sedation dentistry options is very important for patients with dental anxiety or phobia. You should never let your fear of dentist make you avoid proper dental care and necessary dental treatments.

How to reduce cost of sedation dentistry?

The cost of sedation dentistry may vary widely based on several factors, such as the type and method of sedation, geographic location, the choice of sedation dentist, dentist’s experience and others. Before you exclude sedation from your options, you should consider the following options for more affordable sedation dentistry.

Method of dental sedation

Deep sedation and general anesthesia (unconscious sedation) are much more expensive than conscious sedation (nitrous oxide and oral sedation), because of the cost of the additional training and equipment required for their practice. For similar reasons intravenous conscious sedation is more costly than simpler methods like laughing gas and oral sedatives. Unconscious sedation is not absolutely necessary except in cases of patients with medicals conditions such as epilepsy, Parkinson disease, down syndrome or autism. Patients who look for sedation dentistry to fight their anxiety can opt for more economic sedation methods that can still provide an adequate level of comfort.

Location of sedation dentist

Sedation dentists located in big cities and especially at town center are statistically charging more than their colleagues far from the center or in rural towns. If you do not have a problem traveling a few miles you can make great savings to the sedation costs.

Choice of Sedation dentist

Even in the same area, not all dentists will ask for the same sedation fees. Some will charge more because they have more expertise in the field of sedation dentistry, or just because they have higher administrative costs for their business. Make a research before you decide. Although you should always seek a sedation dentist with adequate experience, it is obvious that choosing the most well known sedation dentist in your area will not be the best choice if you want affordable dental sedation costs.

Free sedation offers

Some dentists offer for free to their patients the least expensive sedation methods, such as the administration of nitrous oxide, as a complimentary service. You can search if some of the dentists in your area provide free sedation. Intravenous deep sedation may also be offered by a dentist free of charge for very large cases - $20K and up.


Dental sedation does not provide benefits only to the patient but also to the dentist. Sedation dentists can work more easily and much faster without having to worry that the patient will get tired or uncomfortable. Saving time and shortening the length and number of dental visits can save money from the dentist’s expenses. You may want to negotiate with your dentist to offer affordable sedation dentistry costs or even provide it for free, especially in big cases such as multiple dental implants or full mouth reconstruction.

Dental Insurance Coverage

Dental insurance will typically do not cover dental sedation. However under some circumstances your insurance provider may offer some level of coverage, so you better call them before starting treatment.


Many dentists offering sedation dentistry to their patients accept not only the traditional forms of payment (cash, checks, and credit cards), but also custom financing options from third party companies.

Dental schools

If you visit a dental school you will be treated by supervised dental students and you may have to pay 20%-60% less of what you would have to pay at a normal, private dentist. Dental schools can be a good option for affordable sedation dentistry, even though the thought of being treated by an inexperienced dental student may not be the best for decreasing a patient’s dental anxiety.

Dental tourism

Dental procedures are very costly in certain countries such as the USA, Canada and UK, and so is dental sedation. Dental clinics abroad in Mexico, Hungary and other countries can provide not only affordable sedation dentistry fees but also much better prices for the overall dental treatments. If you are about to get extensive dental work including dental sedation you may consider the option of dental tourism to reduce your costs.

Finding ways to get affordable sedation dentistry can provide care to someone who otherwise might never even see a dentist. Although dental sedation can be expensive, you have to consider the long term costs in your health from not visiting the dentist.

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