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IV Sedation Dentistry

IV Sedation Procedure

IV Sedation Procedure - Consultation before the IV Sedation

Before the day of the dental treatment appointment, the IV sedation dentist will plan a consultation session in order to:

  Determine if the patient is a suitable candidate for intravenous dental sedation. The medical history is the most important tool to help the dentist decide if a specific patient can undergo IV sedation dentistry with safety and effectiveness. The patient must inform the dentist of any medical or mental conditions, and any medications or even herbal supplements usage. Certain medications may interact with the IV sedation drugs, by either reducing or enhancing their sedative potential.

Discuss the benefits and risks of IV sedation. The patient must become aware of the possible risks related with IV sedation, and the dentist must proceed to the treatment only if patient comfortable about . A consent form must also be signed by the patient before any IV sedation dentistry treatment.

Decide the specific sedative that must be used. The IV sedation dentist decides the appropriate sedative medications to be used, based on patient’s medical history, required sedation level, invasiveness and length of the planned dental treatment.

Provide the necessary pre-operative instructions. These instructions must be followed carefully before an IV sedation surgery in order to minimize the risk of adverse effects during the IV sedation procedure. Written post-operative instructions are also provided because patients may not remember verbal ones after the sedation.

Answer any questions the patient may have. Providing proper clarifications to the patient for all parts of the procedure is very important in all sedation dentistry treatments especially for patients with severe dental anxiety or phobia. The fear of anything unknown can increase anxiety levels and reduce the effectiveness of IV sedation.

Pre-Operative Instructions for IV Sedation Dentistry

Patients must follow carefully the pre-operative instructions given by the IV sedation dentist. Based on the characteristics of each case the instructions may be different, or additional ones may be given. Follow then exactly as provided by your dentist. The following instructions are only some of the common ones given prior to IV sedation dentistry:

  • You should not eat for at least 4 hours or drink for 2 hours prior to the IV sedation procedure to minimize the risk of vomiting when sedated. Your last meal before sedation should be a light non-fatty one. In some cases your dentist may recommend to avoid food and drink for up to 8 hours before treatment.
  • Do not drink alcohol for at least 24 hours before IV sedation.
  • Stop smoking at least 12 hours (or more if you can) before surgery.
  • Take any routine medications you may need for other conditions, only after they are discussed and approved by your sedation dentist. Some medications may need to be avoided, or taken with only a sip of water if they have to be taken too close to the hour of the sedation appointment.
  • An oral anti-anxiety drug may be prescribed to be taken the night before, to help you get a good night sleep and be more relaxed on the day of IV sedation treatment.
  • Arrange for someone to drive you or escort you home after the procedure. For safety reasons, you will not be allowed to leave the dental office without escort after IV sedation.
  • Women should avoid wearing make up and lipstick. The color of face and lips can provide a critical warning to the dentist in case of any oxygenation problems during surgery. Nail polish must be removed from the middle finger of the left hand so that the oximeter monitoring equipment will function properly.
  • Contact your IV sedation dentist if you start to have symptoms of cold, flu or other illness in order to rearrange your appointment for after you have fully recovered.
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