Oral Sedation Advantages vs other sedation methods
Oral Sedation Dentistry medications

Oral Sedation Advantages

The easiness and simplicity of administration of the sedative drugs is considered as the biggest advantage of oral sedation for the dental patient. You only have to take a pill, no nasal masks (for nitrous oxide) or needles (for iv sedation) are involved.

Advantages of Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral sedation provides a number of benefits to dental patients and has several advantages over other sedation methods:


Oral sedation is effective for providing adequate relaxation and comfort levels to patients with mild to moderate anxiety.

Ease of administration

One of the main advantages of Oral Sedation is that it has the easiest way of administration for the patient from all sedation dentistry methods, by simply swallowing a small pill before the appointment. There is no need to breath through a mask like in nitrous oxide sedation, or have a needle in your vein such as in IV sedation.

No needles

If you are afraid of needles, there is no reason to worry about. With oral sedation you only have to take a pill to be sedated. For patients with needle phobia, this can be considered as one of the most important advantages of oral sedation vs IV sedation. However, you will need a shot for anesthesia but by then you will already be relaxed and comfortable.


Oral Conscious Sedation is a safe and effective way of relieving the fear and anxiety associated with dental treatments. It is considered safer than IV sedation and general anesthesia, with low incidence and severity of adverse reactions; however it requires more monitoring than nitrous oxide sedation to secure patient safety.

Patient suitability and acceptance

Sedative pills can be used to relieve anxiety for most people (adults and children), with relatively few contraindications. The fact that most patients are more accustomed to taking medications from the mouth is one of the main advantages of orally administered dental sedation.

Low Cost

Oral sedation dentistry cost is close to that of inhalation (N2O) sedation, but much less than IV sedation. Patients who do not definitely need IV sedation or general anesthesia can take advantage of the relaxation offered by the low cost oral sedation alternatives.

Amnesic effect

The medications such as benzodiazepines used in oral sedation for their sedative action have an interesting side effect; approximately 50% of the sedated patients have very little or no memory of the dental procedures performed under their influence (and any related possibly traumatic experience). This amnesic effect is considered as an extra advantage of oral sedation techniques.

Patient comfort = Time saving

Many patients become so relaxed that they will feel less tired after a long dental appointment; sometimes they may even feel like they were sleeping right through the duration of the treatment. With sedation dentistry patients feel that time seems to pass very quickly with hours feel like minutes, allowing for a larger amount of dental care to be completed in a single extended appointment. This can save valuable time from busy patients.

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