Oral Sedation Benefits for the Dental Patient
Oral Sedation Dentistry medications

Benefits of Oral Sedation Dentistry

Oral Sedation is a sedation technique which can help the majority of the patients who need light to moderate dental sedation.

Which patients can benefit the most from oral sedation?

Oral sedation provides a number of benefits for several groups of dental patients:

Patients with light to moderate dental anxiety and fear

Many patients delay, postpone or permanently avoid dental treatment because they are afraid of the dentist or dental procedures. Those suffering from dental anxiety and phobias, even when they decide to get treatment, are among the most difficult patients for the dentists to handle which results in treatment delays. Oral conscious sedation dentistry is one of the ways to overcome dental anxiety and turn a fearful patient to a fully co-operative one. It is more suitable for people with light to moderate dental anxiety. For more severe cases of dental phobias, general anesthesia may be required.

Patients with time constraints

Patients who have a busy schedule or they can not take repeated time off for they dental visits, can benefit for the opportunity that oral sedation offers for fewer appointments. The dentist can work more effectively when the patient is relaxed and co-operative; and the patient can tolerate much longer dental treatments without feeling fatigue or discomfort. As a result multiple complex procedures can be performed in fewer or even one dental visit.

Patients with a severe gag reflex

Oral sedation can relax patients with an over-sensitive gag reflex, making the dental experience more comfortable for both the patient and the dentist.

Patients who can not tolerate long dental visits

Certain conditions such as jaw soreness, neck or back problems can make it very difficult for several patients to tolerate prolonged dental treatments. Oral sedation can help the muscles to relax, allowing the patient to receive lengthy treatment limiting the post-operative soreness.

Patients with difficulty of getting numb

Some patients are not easy to get numb and need several injections for local anesthetic to take effect. This can be extremely uncomfortable, especially if you do not like needles, unless oral sedation has already relaxed you.

Patients seeking for extra comfort

Even if you have no problem with dental anxiety or phobia, dental procedures are not exactly what we should call a pleasant experience. An amount of stress and discomfort is something that is normally expected. Oral sedation can be used to eliminate these feelings, and make you feel as comfortably as possible.

Patients who seek for affordable dental sedation

Oral conscious sedation is a relatively lower cost solution for patients who need dental relaxation but they can not afford the cost of IV sedation or general anesthesia.

Patients with cardiovascular or respiratory disease

Although these two patient groups are referred as high risk groups with increased possibility of sedation side effects, oral conscious sedation can be highly beneficial for them. If not sedated and relaxed, anxiety and pain may increase heart rate and blood pressure, leading to increased oxygen needs that may trigger severe cardiovascular or respiratory complications.

Patients with physical or mental disabilities

Patients who can not control physical movements (such as Parkinson's Disease or Cerebral Palsy) or who can not co-operate with the dentist due to mental disorders, usually have to be sedated in order to be possible for them to get proper dental care.

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